From!Alfedgar Sun Oct 31 09:01:18 1993
Date: 31 Oct 93  9:48:18 +0100

>What is the surplus of electronic aided art? >What is it beside technic fascination? >What means media artist- ist just because one uses electronic devices? Media artist.. Maybe I will put it 'computer artist'. I see a strong difference in 'computer art' and 'computer aided art'. What is of most significance, I guess, is the art that could not have been made without computer generation, no matter the time factor. >----------------- >4. Who is Who ? >----------------- >Are you interessted in the HANDSHAKE-project? Yes. >Send us information about you, your institution or art-group. >You will receive information from us about other groups, persons, >institutions, activities and projects for your own use. ----------- Who am I ? ----------- Alf Edgar, Born 1955, Norwegian, Photographer, have been doing 'fine' photography since 1976, 11 'one-man-shows' althogether in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and have participated in other art-projects in England, Italy, Barcelona, Houston, Helsinki, Reykjavik. Since last year I frequently find myself beside the computer as it is a useful 'tool'. Until now I haven't been too fascinated by 'computer art' EXCEPT from its aspects of CONNECTIVITY. The power of telecommunication between artists. Due to this, I last week released my first electronic art project: GRAB YOUR ERRORS, see information in my next posting. The response to the project has been good, most of the responses coming from artist in the US. Please tell me if you if images from this project are interesting for HANDSHAKE, and I will send you some.

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