From: (Bob Phillips) Subject: Handshake from Portland Oregon USA -- my COMPOS(t) project To: Date: Fri, 11 Feb 1994 01:59:20 -0800 (PST) Hello, I'm Bob Phillips & I'll be sending some things your way, including a description of a project currently underway in gopher space at I'll follow immediately sending an image of my basement system (heap???) (midden???). Hope to hear from you. Here's a picture of my system -- midden basement. An image of me sitting in the basement. Mundane mess all around. (Actually left over from the basement flood last month). I am using several Amigas, a 486 PC, & MAC quadra... all hooked to a Novell Network. I call over phone lines to a small internet service which runs on several small sun computers. An image of the poster for the COMPOS(t) event. For Immediate Release: COMPOS(t) INTERNET February 8, 1994 Event Announcement During March '94 Cafe Lena will display work by Portland, Oregon poet, artist, & publisher Bob Phillips. COMPOS(t), the title of the installation, is also the title of Phillips' Internet work-in-progress, which includes text, performance, sound including voice, images, & control structures which respond to participants' choices. A Performance Saturday, March 12 at Cafe Lena will include readings from Phillips' poetry and elements drawn from the COMPOS(t). The performance, beginning at 9:30 PM, will follow an afternoon 'COMPOS(t) internet Dump', through Phillips modem connection at Cafe Lena from 2-6PM and the internet host In the COMPOS(t) images & songs, poems & puns, quotes & flames are available in variations. The Internet, embedded in the COMPOS(t), reverberates & steams when turned. During the installation Internet response to COMPOS(t) deliveries will be displayed at Cafe Lena. Phillips' Internet address,, will include GOPHER space access to images & samples'audio from and in the COMPOS(t) accessible via Internet Gopher and ftp. Selected materials will be added to a COMPOS(t) mailing list currently in preparation. The installation includes images taken from video, from scanned flat-art & photograph, from Internet, and from graphics generated using the computer. Color images reproduced on HP1200C color ink-jet, dye-sublimation printer, Cactus inkjet, and Iris inkjet will be displayed during the March installation. Prints from the COMPOS(t) will be assembled in an event chapbook which may be purchased at Cafe Lena, along with individual copies of the prints. During the installation components will be gathered for insertion into the COMPOS(t). In previous installations at Portland's Club Satyricon annual Birthday Party and at the Artquake '92 Unjuried Art Tent event 'Midden Erd', collected samples from the event audience and videance were fed back using B&W laser printer and audio amplifier. Selected images & samples from these events are currently in the COMPOS(t), including the infamous shill sample 'Chimpanzee Orgasm Imitation' and 'You Need an Enema' spoken backwards. Collage & Artwork, poetry & voice from other artists will be added to the COMPOS(t) during the course of the installation. The COMPOS(t) will change during the course of the installation.
Contact: Bob Phillips Local Earth Design 2009 NE Brazee Portland, Oregon 97201 (503) 281-9676 GOPHER to select ...Portland info then ...Museums and art Galleries GOPHER access to teleport's local gopher installation, for those not on the internet, can be had by dialing {(503) 220-0636 for 2400 baud modems} {(503) 220-1016 for 14.4 modems} and answering GOPHER at the login prompt.