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Organization: Inter/Access, Arts Telecommunications & Media Centre, Toronto, ON, Canada
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 1993 15:32:34 DST
Subject: Re: Handshake #1: Call for Participation
Status: OR
Thank you for the "Handshake" Information... Please e-mail us about any LUX LOGIS activity etc. We are very interested... On the other hand, can you please refer me to a source for finding free or cheap InterNet access in Berlin? I have two friends there (perhaps you have heard of them: Laura Kikauka & Gordon Monachan, Canadian export artists ;-) and I want to get them wired so they could contribute to our activities here in Canada. Tschus, dx, the variable polarity barnacle king of shoepaste charisma... #********************************** # Dauda Axis * Admin, intacc.uucp* #*************************me@self***
Date: Mon, 01 Nov 1993 15:23:22 DST Subject: Fwd: Call for Computer Generated Art

CALL FOR ART ---------- MATRIX ARTS BBS in Toronto, Canada is calling all artists on the net to send in contributions to our permanent on-line gallery/museum. To start with, we are asking for still images up to 640x480 pixels hopefully in JPEG format (although GIF & PICT are acceptable if you can't JPEG it) and HyperCard or SuperCard stacks. Also send any relevant text statements, manifestoes, artist's bios, anything else you want included with your piece(s). We can accept UUencoded or BinHexed files. E-mail your contribution(s) to: artreceiver@intacc.uucp Should there be any trouble with sending this to the above address, please send me a description of the problem at: Thnx & greetings from Toronto - the hairlesness centre of the world... dx, the sovereign orange elsewhere reason to paddle in cerulean gallop... P.S.: Redistribute as you see fit #********************************** # Dauda Axis * Admin, intacc.uucp* #*************************me@self***