Date: Wed, 09 Feb 1994 11:07:33 +0100 From: balder@ECN.NL (John Balder) Subject: reaction/contribution HANDSHAKE project To:, balder@ECN.NL
In reaction to the net-info about the HANDSHAKE project the following. I have some ideas that might fit into your project, or maybe can reach other interested people through this project. It is a long shot, but, thanks to modern means, it is little investment. I'll be quite brief and await further reactions. I represent a group of people who are involved in what we call Dreamtime Concerts. The group includes a variety of people who have in common that they work with people. Some of them call themselves healers. Many of them have a world view that is predominantly non-scientific. For instance there are shamans, people who are into yoga etc. If I describe what happens during the concerts from a scientific point of view (if possible at all), one could say that the players as well as the people who ``listen'' experience a shift in conciousness. One of the effects seems to be that extra ``channels'' are added to the communication between people . As we are constantly trying to improve our ``understanding'' of what is going on we would be interested in the following experiment. At one place there is a group of our musicians playing. At another place there is a group of people listening to the sounds via some kind of electronic link. So there is one link that can be described in the scientific paradigm. Our interest is to see if the common shift in conciousness that is experienced when players and listeners are at one place, is still present if we seperate the people in space. Our expectancy is that there will be some interaction. To add some graphics: -------->------- / sound \ players listeners all people in same room \ / ------<>-------- extra communication -------->...... electronic link .......> ------- / sound \ players listeners different locations \ / -----------------<>------------------------------ extra communication ? Well for the moment I don't have time to write more, but I can if people are interested. If there are other possibilities within the project to incorporate sound, we would be interested to add some Dreamtime sounds. But realizing it is already the 9th this might be difficult. I hope this message finds its way through the electronic space. greetings, Dr. John on behalf of the Dreamtime Healing Circle e-mail: P.S. I would appreciate some information on LUX LOGIS (or a pointer to where to find it).