The very first one who answered to Handshake. We love you Eva!

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> ----------------- > 4. Who is Who ? > ----------------- > Are you interessted in the HANDSHAKE-project? > Send us information about you, your institution or art-group. > You will receive information from us about other groups, persons, > institutions, activities and projects for your own use. My name is Eva Zsigri and I am a 3rd year Applied Computing Science student at the University of Western Sydney - Nepean, Australia. I was born in Australia but have Hungarian parents and am still interested in what is happening in their homeland. As a technologically based student I like to have a wide scope of where the technology we develop and research is going in the greater community. Especially with cyberspace communications and virtual worlds. I run a social group of computing students with who we try to expand on course work in a relaxed manner (along with BBQ's and social events =8). The university I attend is quite a young one and therefore only developing its credibility and facilities. We are situated about 50kms directly west of the city of Sydney, at the foot of the Blue Mountains. The institution as a whole is made up of a distributed network of medium sized campuses spread throughout the western outskirts of Sydney. There are approx. 300 computing students in our school, 60 of who are members of the group I run. The only 'arty' type subject our course runs is a computer graphics course that deals with coding graphics, not using existing tools. > > ----------- > 5. Gallery > ----------- > Send us a picture of you and the room from which you join the INTERNET. > Broadcast your associations. > (precise informations will follow ! ) 3 encoded pictures will follow. The first is a .jpg of one of our DEC Workstation Labs. We have tow of these.

The next is a picture of one of our PC labs. And lastly a picture of the outside of our building.

The surroundings are not very lush simply because we are still so new. Hope that's enough information for you to go on with. If there is anything you'd like to ask feel free to drop me a line.

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