From: (Jon Van Oast)
Date:         6 Feb 94 19:14:37 
Subject:      handshake

i am very interested in handshake. i shall be participating in as many ways as i can find time for, and the same goes for anyone else from my group of like-minded cohorts, underworld industries. excitedly waiting, -jon

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From: (Jon Van Oast) Date: 7 Feb 94 00:42:27 Subject: Re: handshake > Hi Jon, > thanx so much for your response. > We are very curious about the collaboration of yours and the > rest underworld industries - posse. underworld industries (uwi) is a thing i started about 5 years ago as a name for people (on OR off the net) who seemed to have similar interests in art/music/zines/etc .. just basically a bunch of people who do cool stuff. over the years (and thru the magic of the net) it has grown to about 15 of these "nodes" (each uwi group) all over the u.s. and even canada, south africa and hungary. if you wanna poke around and find out more about uwi, check out the ftp site (, docs/uwi) or better yet, the www site OR just ask more questions! -jon
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