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	Nice project and very important for all of us, I think. I wish you great
	I am mathematician, working in a research institute for physics in
Romania (Institute of Isotopic and Molecular Technology Cluj), now in CWI 
Amsterdam (Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science) for a short period
(until Cristmas). Of course, all my actiity is connected with computers. 
My connection with computer art ... computer graphics :
	Between 1970 and 1978, discovering the computer drawings fascination
on a small desk-top Hewlet-Packard calculator with a plotter, and encouraged
by my colleagues and friends, I was between the first exhibitors of computer
drawings from Romania (1972 Cluj, 1973 Arad, 1976 Bucharest, 1977 Satu Mare and
1978 Oradea). Some of my results I succeeded to present at Berlin 1974 GI anual
Conference  (slides), and by personal meeting to the known specialists at these
time (Herbert Franke, Georg Ness...). In 1976-77 I had a try for a personal
exhibition in Vienna, but the selected drawings were lost at the cultural dept.
of Romanian Embassy (were they were deposit). After 1978 I changed my hobby to
the image processing domain, remaining in touch with computer graphics world as
it was possible in Romania in these years. From 1991 I begun to teach students
from Academy of Visual Arts from Cluj, and also from Academy of Music, temporary
about the computer utilisation. I had the great chance to be invited in 1991
Eurographics Conference in Vienna, obtaining in this way information about the
news in such an explosive growing domain.
	In CWI Amsterdam I am working in a research project sponsored by ECC
(A relational model for image analysis). And here I discovered the INTERNET
world, even I spend an year in my home institute with instalation and usage of
such a connection (but the result is so bad!).
	Hopping that all the above data are enough for you, I would like to 
know more about your project.
	Jours sincerely,
dr.Mihail Jalobeanu ( ITIM Cluj, P.O.Box 700, Cluj 5, 3400 Romania - 
			email: ,
		until Christmas, at CWI : )