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Barbara: Thank you for the information on Handshake. I will participate, although I have not read all the information you sent to me. Thank you. I will send my bio to you later. I just wanted toconfirn that I have received THREE messages from you. I have also forwarded this information to three freinds of mine. One from Bosnia, studying at the University of Minnesota, and one from Kiev, also at the University of Minnesota, and a gentleman from University of Wisconsin. He's not from Eastern Europe, but he's interested in Internet and is the Coordinator of Audio-Visual Services for that University. I am a Professor of Graphic Communcations, and I a working on a doctorate in International Training at the University of Minnesota. I am very interested in using this technology as a training tool in developing societies, especially Virtual Reality. I teach Internet User courses at my university where I teach, Moorhead State University, Moorhead, Minnesota. I will teach a course in Virtual Reality next spring semester. We do not have the computer power but we have simulators. I will be in contact later in the week. Auf wieder sehen! (Did I spell that correctly? :-)

Mike Ruth, Assistant Professor Graphic Communications Department of Industrial Studies Moorhead State University Moorhead, Minnesota 56563