From rgardner@charon.MIT.EDU Wed Oct 20 21:25:10 1993 Return-Path: Subject: a film/video idea Date: Wed, 20 Oct 93 15:53:28 EDT

This is an idea for a film. There is a script of an as yet undetermined length. But it will eventually be of an exact number of words. Each word in the script will be spoken by a different person. One unique person will speak the first word. A second, the second word. And so on for the entire script. Nobody will appear twice. Punctuation, like periods or commas, will appear as pauses. Each of the speakers in the film will face the camera. They will say their one word in their normal voice. Then the next person will appear. The viewer will only see their head and shoulders. Each word/speaker can be in the form of a video clip, film clip, quicktime-like clip, etc. You can send me a contribution in a variety of formats. For example, a file over the network, a floppy disk, a strip of 8, 16, etc mm film, a vhs video cartridge, etc. First, however, you should contact me as to exactly what your word will be. We can decide then you can produce it. I will then assemble all the words/speakers in the proper order and produce a final product for presentation for an Academy Award. Not! So that's the idea. This is the script. This is the end.

From rgardner@charon.MIT.EDU Mon Aug 30 04:13:21 1993 Return-Path: Subject: stuff... Date: Sun, 29 Aug 93 22:12:19 EDT From: "stuff available list" available on request--just ask for it!

"stuff available" Here's a list of my current Internet projects. You can get some of this stuff once by asking. You can get on a mailing list for updates, additions, future stuff, etc, by asking. That's two things. One is just asking for some stuff. Two is asking to get on one of my mailing lists for future stuff. Ok, get ready! Here's information about some "stuff": 1) art stuff. For instance, the Electronic Art & Culture Post- card. I send this out about once a month to my EAACP mailing list. It is a list of free events, mostly in the Boston area. You can get it once by asking, and regularly by asking to get on my mailing list for it. There's more art stuff, but you have to ask. 2) PC software/databases. I compile databases and wrap them in software. Information about an ftp site, and how to get copies from that site, are available on request. 3) The Friedrichshof Chronicles. This is a sort of net.litera- ture project of mine. It is some writing done while living on an artists commune some years ago. Contains "adult" material. You have to very explicitly ask for a sample of this. Then you have to very explicitly ask to get on the mailing list for future chapters. The Friedrichshof and Cambridge Chronicles are also available on an anonymous ftp site--so you can read them anony- mously. I will send you just ftp instructions if you ask. 4) The Cambridge Chronicles. Like a diary. Like The Friedrichs- hof Chronicles, but written here in Cambridge, Massachusetts, location of two of the world's most opinionated zip codes. You gotta ask. 5) net stuff. I find net related stuff on the Internet and save it. Do you know about Gilder, superdistribution, etc? No? Need I say more? 6) essays. I write essays from time to time. No telling what the next one will be about. Ask to get on my essay mailing list and you will get a copy of each one as it comes off the assembly line in my brain. 7) buzz. A file of stuff written by me to people or lists on the net. So I'm an egomaniac and think every word from my mouth is important! So you don't have to ask for it! And I won't send it! Phhhhttt! 8) books. Some books "written and/or compiled" by me. Some very peculiar stuff. Some inventions. Some concepts--emphasis on the CON, as I tell people. 9) portraits. verbal pictures of people you can't see. pictures of people you will never see. make one of me (what you think i look like) and send it to me: portraits are also available on an ftp site. just ask about it. You can get some information about me via the finger command, but no fair peeking till you've drawn your first portrait! Please feel free to copy this file and send it to anyone (but not a mailing list or news group, please) you think might be inter- ested. If you are interested in any of the things on this list, then send me mail and ask for something. If you are suspicious, and wonder just who the heck I am, then you can try the finger com- mand: finger Otherwise, send your email requests to: