The Memory.

Feld Reise takes place in the area of a forsaken Soviet military camp near Potsdam. Handshake, as an interface between the space of Krampnitz and the space of Internet, wants to track out and save traces in the field.

Militarism as the probably most perverse dimension of human zivilisation has left traces behind. Three years after the utilization by forces of the National Socialists and of the Soviets for more than 40 years, a space of a few square miles is extending in front of us, which is hard to understand.

The silence and the emptyness cover the landscape like a veil. You hear the grass growing on the contaminated grounds; you hear the full, hollow sound of stones which falling into oil-puddles of shut petrol stations. Found film-negatives refer to traces of former inhabitants. Komplex drawings, as an order how to practise gymnastics, are universal symbols of de-indiviualisation, obedience and repression. Man as machine, as mikro-function-unit of superior systems.

Time is passing all artificial systems. A camouflage net, constisting of green, artificial leaves, is grown over with grass and moss. The brick-red house with a grey concrete shelter is no dwelling-house, is no park for tanks, is nothing. Natur requoncers Krampnitz and wipes out the symptoms of the clinical picture.

All pieces of evidence found in the area of Krampnitz will be documentated, digitized and put on the Net. This information pool, being thought as an associative memory, will be filled with fragments of texts, quotations, pictures and sounds. Other participants of FeldReise could also extend the stock with their digitized stuff. Through this, the actual state and former functions of Krampnitz become public and reality, too.

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