The project FeldReise is occupied with and temporarily occupies the area of the forsaken barracks named Krampnitz, near Potsdam in former East Germany. (The translation of FeldReise might be: Travelling to the Field.)
This military camp was founded by the National Socialists. After World War II, the Soviet Army took it over and extended it. In Krampnitz, nearly 30.000 soldiers and their families were quartered in barracks for decades. Since the Soviet armies were withdrawn from the West in summer 1993, the Federal Republic of Germany has been in the possession of those landed properties like Krampnitz.
For a few months, the Krampnitz has been left to itself now, waiting for a new determination, strictly guarded yet and srceened from any outer world. Nature has already begun to reconquer the landscapes, which are rather devastated by machine and by man.

This undefined interval enables FeldReise to explore the place. From July to September 1994, 20 artists are working on the spot in order to approach the peculier tension of this place by means of their own different artistic methods like film, performance, tracing tracks.
Because the barracks are closed for the public, we use the World Wide Web to make the recent ongoing in Krampnitz available by media for all who might be interested. So, the following documents will grow steadily in the course of the next weeks and will be removed in the end of 1994, when the work in the field will have been presented as an installation in two galleries of Potsdam.

For us, this is not only a temporary Documention of FeldReise, but also a communicative enhancement of it:
You have the chance to supplement the work in Krampnitz by asking and criticizing. Get in touch with the artists. Also would be possible, to comprise other corresponding places or scenes.
We'd like to learn more about the former inhabitants of Krampnitz and, if possible, to contact any of them. Moreover, we are interested in any materiel available on the net or outside concerning internment (prison; psychatry?) within the Soviet army outside the USSR.

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